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Many men experience sexual difficulties, and there are many reasons for it, ranging from bad ecology and ending with bad habits. There was created one of the most popular drugs which can help you to eliminate erectile dysfunction. This drug allows you to enhance male sexual arousal, and keep it as long as possible. We are talking about such a drug as Viagra, which is a part of the pharmacotherapeutic group.

That is, if a man has difficulties with an erection, then he should necessarily use Viagra to eliminate this problem. It is noteworthy that this drug demonstrates its effectiveness only when a man has sexual arousal.

And now let's discuss why Viagra was developed and how it should be used.

Thanks to this drug, a large number of men with erectile dysfunction have an opportunity to regain sexual life. That is, they gain the manpower again, they have an erection, which occurs in case of sexual arousal. It is sexual arousal that plays a key role here. Due to it, Viagra helps to improve the flow of blood to the muscles of penis, as a result of which not only erection occurs, but also the duration of sexual intercourse is prolonged. As soon as the sexual contact comes to its logical conclusion, the erection stops.

You also need to understand that there are cases when the use of Viagra is contraindicated:

  • if a man notices signs of hypersensitivity to a similar drug, or to the components of Viagra itself;
  • if a man is already taking nitrate-containing drugs, especially in cases when he has been taking them for a long time. This point should always be taken into account and kept in mind, since the excessive amount of nitrates in the body drops blood pressure. In some cases, this fall can be catastrophic and even begin to threaten human life. It is the high content of nitrates in blood that provokes the occurrence of a stroke or a heart attack;
  • the drugs which contain a large number of nitrates include: different types of tablets, cutaneous pastes and patches, ointments, inhalers.

How should you use Viagra?

The drug is available in pill form for the convenience of reception; one tablet contains a daily dose of the drug. The drug is taken orally. It is better to take it within one hour before the sexual contact. The recommended maximum dosage of the drug for adult men is 50 mg; this is the daily amount that should be taken by a person. If there are certain difficulties in the form of individual efficacy and tolerability, this dose can be either increased or decreased to 100 or 25 mg, respectively. Moreover, the manufacturer, as well as doctors recommends patients not to exceed a daily dosage of 100 mg.

It is also very important not to exceed the daily dose of 100 mg for elderly people, as this can have negative consequences for their cardiovascular system.

Do not forget that Viagra may cause side effects in some individual cases. In general, the tool refers to those drugs that have good tolerability, but sometimes the following effects may occur:

  • from genitourinary system: men may experience various disorders, including the risks of various infections in the urinary tract;
  • possible respiratory diseases: a feeling of nasal congestion, rhinitis, etc.;
  • the reception of the drug may also cause rashes, diarrhea, nausea, pain in muscles and joints, headaches and dizziness.

Another important question is where can you buy Viagra in Perth? There is the only answer to this question - you can do it online. In this case, everything is very simple, because you shouldn't go to the pharmacy, to the doctor for a prescription, etc. It is possible to buy cheap Viagra in Australia and feel yourself a real man.